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We Understand SME’s Challenge

Keeping Up With Digitalisation

Most of the world is working to digitalize but benefits have accrued to larger firms. The trend is accelerating, and SMEs are at risk of being left behind.

Internationalisation Strategically

SMEs need to internationalize to grow but they often struggle to expand outside the home market. Lack of access to finance is a major reason

Delivering On net-Zero Goals

Countries have agreed to reduce emissions, but SMEs are not well-equipped to decarbonize. For many SMEs survival takes precedence over sustainability

We focus on
pivotal issues

Digital Transformation

Business has reached a tipping point of historic proportions in digital transformation following a quantum leap in technology adoption, at both the organization and industry levels, during the pandemic crisis.


Cross-border payments sit at the heart of international trade and economic activity. Yet, they have always faced the challenges of high costs, low speed, limited access, and insufficient transparency.

Green Transition

As governments and industries accelerate the shift towards a net-zero economy, businesses have to embrace innovation and sustainability, open up new growth opportunities, and stay relevant in the new low carbon economy.

We enable solutions for SMEs

In collaboration with service providers

Benefits of Collaboration

Expand Network

Service providers can tap into a global network to reach potential customers and showcase their services to SMEs seeking solutions


Service providers connected with World Business Chamber are perceived as leaders and innovators in their field, enhancing their brand reputation.

Create Opportunities

Service providers create opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with other service providers on World Business Chamber platform.”